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[1]万武南,陈 俊.针对Montgomery模幂算法的选择明文SPA攻击[J].成都信息工程大学学报,2016,(04):348-352.
 WAN Wu-nan,CHEN Jun.A Simple Power Analysis Attack on the Montgomery Modular Exponentiation Algorithms[J].Journal of Chengdu University of Information Technology,2016,(04):348-352.



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[1]万武南,陈 俊.针对双重掩码模幂算法的二阶互相关功耗分析攻击[J].成都信息工程大学学报,2016,(04):353.
 WAN Wu-nan,CHEN Jun.A Second Order Cross Correlation Power Analysis Attack on Double Blinding Exponentiation Algorithms[J].Journal of Chengdu University of Information Technology,2016,(04):353.
[2]匡晓云,黄开天,兰 天,等.针对SM4密码算法的模板攻击[J].成都信息工程大学学报,2021,36(05):499.[doi:10.16836/j.cnki.jcuit.2021.05.004]
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 CAO Jiahua,WU Zhen,WANG Yi,et al.Side Channel Attack of S-box Power Randomization based on CNN-BPR[J].Journal of Chengdu University of Information Technology,2022,37(04):16.[doi:10.16836/j.cnki.jcuit.2022.01.003]


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