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[1]何冰倩,魏 维,宋岩贝,等.融合时空兴趣点和多元广义高斯混合模型的 人体动作识别[J].成都信息工程大学学报,2019,(04):358-364.[doi:10.16836/j.cnki.jcuit.2019.04.006]
 HE Bingqian,WEI Wei,SONG Yanbei,et al.Human Motion Recognition based on Spatiotemporal Interest Points and Multivariate Generalized Gaussian Mixture Models[J].Journal of Chengdu University of Information Technology,2019,(04):358-364.[doi:10.16836/j.cnki.jcuit.2019.04.006]

融合时空兴趣点和多元广义高斯混合模型的 人体动作识别


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